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During the post World War II era, there was a desire for escapism through art. The female body was a perfect canvas for Christian Dior to create these awe-inspiring gowns. The world was ready to move on from the long-standing affects of war and Dior was at the helm of the fashion industry to shift towards recovery and prosperity.

The contour of these pieces accentuates the seductiveness of the female body. Dior’s ingenious ideas for the female silhouette composed of flared skirts, cinching around the waist and emphasis around the bust to create what came to be known as the “New Look”. These are the ideas that are celebrated today as designers continually imitate Dior’s timeless work. Dior modernised fashion and as a result, he was the founder of haute couture. 

Dior captivated the world with his graceful designs. He framed his imagination around how the female body should be enhanced. His designs featured form fitted shapes - either as suits or gowns, delicate embroidery, silk tulle, layers of fabric, chiffon, corsets, an assortment of colours, scallop shapes to create volume…..the list is endless. 

His flawless designs continue to mesmerise those who come across the founder’s collections. Without a doubt, Dior transformed the fashion industry and he has heavily influenced the way we see fashion today.  

(via pretaportre)